Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
The Chesapeake Bay Retriever are an American breed of dog dating back to the early 1800's to a time when professional duck hunting was taking place along the eastern coast of the US.   The hunters  effectively had cannons mounted their boats where they would flock shoot large numbers of ducks and geese.  The Chesapeake (then referred to as Otter Dogs) were bred to spend all day, every day, jumping into the icey waters of the Chesapeake Bay, retrieving downed waterfowl.  They are strong powerful swimmers with a water proof undercoat. Their ability to outperform other breeds in harsh aquatic conditions is without question.  But they are also a great breed for other reasons: They have good noses and also make fine flushing dogs for upland birds.  Chesapeakes are loyal to their owner and family.  While Chesapeakes are not overtly aggressive like many gaurd dog breeds, they are intensely protective.  I have small children that climb all over our dogs, pulling ears and tails in the process and I trust them implicitly; but I would hate to see what would happen to a stranger that grabbed one of my kids or wife.   As a hunting dog, they  have a tendency to be a one man dog.  They are not likely to obey your hunting parner.  They will however, work hard for the person(s) they are bonded to.  Which can, and often does, include an outside trainer who's taken the time to foster a relationship with the dog.  They are generally calmer than most Labradors.  Happy just laying by the arm of your chair, or at your feet in the duck blind.